Upper Lizard
Name Upper Lizard (Leader)
Level 14
HP 1,600
Race Giant & Scaled
Atk 95
Mag 80
Hit 34
Avd 28
Exp 10,000
Oth 1,750
Drop None
Wing Flapping Long range. Multi-target. Medium damage. May cause characters to fall off battlefield
Fire Breath Medium range. 1 hit of high Fire dmg. Multi-target
Spit Fire Medium range. 1 hit of avg. dmg. Multi-target
Tail Attack 1-3 hits of avg. dmg. Multi-target. Requires Lower Lizard to be attached
Slashing Tail 1-3 hits of high dmg. Multi-target. Requires Lower Lizard to be attached
Body Parts Head (vital): 1,600 HP - Body (vital): 1,600 HP - Wings x2: 1,600 HP
Elements Fire +20%, Ice -20%. All others are neutral
Leader Item Metal Buckler
Vulnerable to Paralysis (20%), Poison (20%), Doom (50%), Freeze (75%), Confusion (20%), Stone (20%) and Faint (50%)
Lower Lizard
Name Lower Lizard
Level 13
HP 850
Race Scaled
Atk 110
Mag 40
Hit 25
Avd 10
Exp 6,800
Oth 170
Drop None
Heavy Press Short range. Avg. damage to entire party
Scale Missile Short range. Multiple hits of high Fire dmg. Multi-target. Requires tail
Poison Tail Medium range. 1 hit of avg. dmg. Multi-target. Requires tail
Body Parts Body (vital): 1,600 HP - Tail:255 HP - Front legs x2: 255HP - Back legs: 340HP
Elements All elements - 50%
Vulnerable to Curse (100%), Paralysis (100%), Silence (100%), Poison (100%), Doom (50%), Freeze (100%), Confusion (50%), Stone (100%), Faint (50%) and Frailty (100%)

Be careful in this battle, as falling off the battlefield will result in members suffering from the Transfer status. This can happen when the foe knocks you off, during you launching an attack, or when you are moving. This is bad, as many of the Upper Lizard's attacks knock you around. So you need to stay in close to the Lizard. Good news is though, you can also knock him off the battlefield! You won't receive any EXP tough.

Now onto the battle itself. Boost your Fire resistance beforehand, and start the battle. Hold the Sword Blessing Sealstone for an extra Attack boost. Get in as close as possible to the Wyvern, and attack. Towards the end of its life, the Wyvern will split itself into two new entities, the Upper Lizard and Lower Lizard. You can either take care of the Lower Lizard and then the Upper Lizard, or go straight for the Upper Lizard. The Lower Lizard isn't too troublesome, and has some good items, so defeat it by simply attacking. The Upper Lizard is also straightforward, but if you find yourself low on HP, make sure to heal as quickly as possible.

Enemy Modifications Edit

Name: Bolt Dragon

Found: Crawsus Forest Ruins

Element: Lightning

Race(s): Giant, Scaled and Dragon

Name: Dragon Bat

Found: Palace of the Venerated Dragon

Element: Unknown

Race(s): Giant, Scaled and Dragon

Name: Sky Lizard

Found: Forest of Spirits

Element: Unknown

Race(s): Giant and Scaled

Name: White Dragon

Found: Yggdrasil

Element: Unknown

Race(s): Giant, Dragon and Scaled