Tri Crusade is the name of a generic Light Warrior attack in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It is the only generic Light Warrior attack learned by Alicia and Valkyrie. In addition, for Alicia, Valkyrie and Leone, its multipliers differ slightly from the Light Warrior Einherjar.

Description: A leaping, slashing attack into the air.
Hits: 3
Multipliers: 0.3 x 3 (Einherjar)/ 0.35 x 3 (Alicia and Leone)/ 0.25 x 3 (Holy x 0.3) (Valkyrie)
Increase to Gauge: 3 x 3 = 9
AP Cost: 8
Learned by: Fraudir (lv.8), Lwyn (lv.12), Richelle (lv.14), Circe (l.16), Sylphide (lv.17), Alicia (lv.20), Rasheeka (lv.24), Crescent (lv.30), Tyrith (lv.32), Jessica (lv.35), Leone (lv.35), Valkyrie (lv.67)
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