Thunder Storm is a lightning-elemental attack spell featured in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It can be learned by Sorcerers and two Archers, but can only be cast from the battle menu. As such, it does not affect the heat gauge.

Description: Bolts of lightning fly at the enemy, striking it down to inflict lightning damage.
Hits: 7
Multipliers: Lightning x 0.15 x 7
AP Cost: 20
Added Effect: Paralysis (3% chance per hit)
Learned by: Lezard (lv.1), Aegis (lv.10), Alm (lv.10), Mithra (lv.18), Seluvia (lv.18), Woltar (lv.18), Xehnon (lv.33), Psoron (lv.34), Phyress (lv.38), Farant (lv.41), Khanon (lv.41), Masato (lv.41), Millidia (lv.89)
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