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The Royal Underground Path

The Royal Underground Path is a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, situated in the Lost Forest in Northern Midgard. It is a complex system of tunnels which serves as a land access route to Dipan.


The Royal Undergound Path was presumably built not long after the foundation of Dipan itself. The latter being an island kingdom, its citizens needed a safe escape route in case of war or siege. According to Dylan, who used to be a soldier of Dipan, the path was built at the cost of many lives, but it ultimately serves its purpose, allowing the citizens of Dipan to evacuate to the mainland after the events of Chapter 4. It was also used to discreetly convey Alicia out of the kingdom when she was a child.


The relic sword is located two screens to the right from the Lost Forest entrance, on the right side of the bridge. A cutscene occurs upon first enter the area.

The first relic greatsword is located two rooms down from the relic sword.

The second relic greatsword is located two rooms up and to the right from the first relic greatsword. Dylan is obtained during a cutscene upon entering the area.


  • 400 OTH
  • Warrior's Arcanum
  • Warrior's Arcanum
  • Gauntlet (arrow trap)
  • Leather Boots
  • 800 OTH
  • Elixir
  • 600 OTH
  • Antique Pendant (1)
  • Union Plume
  • Thunder Gem
  • Sallet
  • Dwarf Tincture (arrow trap)
  • Warrior's Arcanum
  • Union Plume
  • Shamshir

1 obtained automatically after Dylan joins the party


Chapters 1-3[]

  • Bullet Beetle (Insect)
  • Dire Wolf (Beast)
  • Skeleton (Unholy)
  • Skeleton Soldier (Unholy)
  • Goblin (Demon)
  • Ballistic Rhino (Giant, Beast) - BOSS

Chapters 4-6[]

  • Meteoric Swarm (Ghost, Insect)
  • Beast Fort (Giant, Beast)
  • Gigantic Moth (Giant)
  • Flying Killer (Scaled)
  • Lizard Knight (Scaled)
  • Ull (Divine) and Aesir (Defender) (Divine) - BOSS


  • Traversing the Royal Underground Path is the only means of accessing Dipan. It is, itself, only accessible by traversing the Lost Forest.
  • Although Dipan is also featured in Valkyrie Profile, the Royal Underground Path is not.