Primordial Ooze
Primordial Ooze
Name Primordial Ooze
Level 8
HP 1,200
Race Giant, Plant and Unholy
Atk 40
Mag 20
Hit 10
Avd 18
Exp 9,000
Oth 1,260
Drop None
Stinking Missile Long range. Multi-target. 4 hits of avg. dmg. Earth element. Requires tentacle
Attack 4 hits of high. dmg. Multi-target. Requires tentacle
Evasive Maneuvers Counter. when attack misses, prepares Attack.
Regeneration Targets self. Restores any broken tentacles. Also deals extreme, multi-target Lightning damage to immediate vicinity
Lock On Prepares Washout. Used when under 50% HP. Requires shoulder.
Washout Used after Lock On. Deal extreme damage and Poison party. 100% accuracy. Cannot be stopped. Earth element
Body Parts Head (vital): 480 HP - Body (vital): 840 HP - Upper Shoulder x2: 360 HP - Upper Tentacles x2: 180 HP - Lower Shoulders x2: 360 HP - Lower Tentacles x2: 180 HP
Elements Fire -20%, Earth and Lightning +80%, Darkness +20%. All others are neutral
Leader Item Earth Gem
Vulnerable to Curse (100%), Paralysis (80%), Freeze (50%), Faint (50%) and Frailty (100%)

Primordial Ooze is a strong boss. Dash out of the range of his Stinking Missiles, and try to position yourself behind him to avoid the tentacle attack. Using Alicia's Soul Crush is a good idea, as it deals quite a bit of damage. IF you happen to beak anything, dash away, and wait for him to use Regeneration.

After losing 50% of his HP, Primordial Ooze will abuse Lock on and Washout. Have Sylphide heal with Free Item, and go in for the kill. If you got a Flare Gem from the castle, use it now to deal high damage. If not, have one character break off and heal while the others attack.