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Map of Midgard (Valkyrie Profile)

Midgard is the world of humans and forms the main setting of Valkyrie Profile, Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria and Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume. It appears as a large main continent, with a smaller one in the Southwest (Wakoku), and several island formations surrounding it.

Midgard is subdivided into several countries, although they all appear to share the same language and many of their cultural traits. Wakoku is the only region which appears to have significant cultural differences, bearing a strong resemblance to feudal Japan. Besides these human-inhabited regions, Midgard is also home to the Forest of Spirits, inhabited by elves, who guard the entrance to Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that connects Midgard to Asgard and which humans are forbidden to cross. Undead are also present on Midgard, even though their natural habitat is Niflheim, and are presided by their lord Brahms, from his castle situated on an island off the West coast of the continent.

Midgard is strongly subjected to the gods' influence, and thus has a troubled history. Odin and the Aesir perceive humans as tools for their struggle against the undead and the Vanir, and one of the three Valkyries is always active on Midgard to collect worthy human souls to serve as Einherjar, while the souls of the two other Valkyries lie dormant within human hosts. Odin is also more than willing to trigger wars (cf. Rosetta's invasion of the continent) and destroy entire cities or settlements to punish what he perceives as disobedience (cf. the Tehm tribe, Dipan). He also claims the Dragon Orb, the treasure responsible for sustaining Midgard, for himself on two different occasions, thus endangering the stability of the entire world.

Midgard is destroyed by Loki at the end of Valkyrie Profile, but subsequently restored by Lenneth, as she gains the power of creation.


In Norse mythology, Midgard is one of the nine worlds of Yggdrasil, situated somewhere along its middle, hence its name, composed of the words mid (middle) and gardhr (enclosure) [1]. It is said to have been created by the gods from the body of the giant Ymir as a form of protection against the jötunn, but is destined to be destroyed during Ragnarok.