Valkyrie Profile Wiki
Name Kraken
Level 19
HP 6,000
Race Giant
Atk 155
Mag 130
Hit 42
Avd 32
Exp 38,000
Oth 4,200
Drop Divine Time Giver
Rumble Small range. All characters. High damage. Inflicts Paralysis
Double Knuckle Long, narrow range. 5 hits of extreme dmg. Multi-target
Long Hand Long, narrow range. 3 hits of avg.dmg. Multi-target
Water Lance 2 hits of low Ice dmg to entire party
Frigid Damsel Ice spell. 3 hits of magical Ice damage. May cause Freeze
Tidal Wave Great Magic. Large circular range. Extreme Ice damage to all party members
Body Parts Upper Head: 1,000 HP - Lower Head (vital): 3,500 HP - Mouth Tentacles x2: 1,000 HP - Legs: 3,000 HP - Rear Tentacles x2: 500 HP - Front Tentacles x2: 1,000 HP - Maced Tentacles x2: 1,000 HP
Elements Fire -20%, Lightning -50%, Ice +20%. All others are nuetral
Leader Item Overdrive
Vulnerable to Paralysis (75%)

Kraken begins this battle standing in a pool of water. You can drain it by attacking the two chains marked in green on the mini-map. You can now enter the water and walk normally. Attack the Kraken with physical attacks. If you have Phyress, make sure she is using Flame Shot -> Flare Blast ->Shrapnel Shatter to deal maximum damage. A Sorcerer with Lightning Bolt is also a good idea for the battle, like Alm if he was received at Serdberg, but Fire Storm will suffice. Rufus with a Thunder Arrow thrown in is also deadly.

When the Kraken gets low on HP, he will toss around the Great Magic Tidal Wave. Remember, this hits EVERYONE regardless of their position. An Iceproof Trinket, or an Iceproof Talisman found in this dungeon will give you protection from the dangerous attack. If not, use a Dwarf Tincture to heal up. If you are fast enough, he should only get to use the Great Magic once or twice.


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