Valkyrie Profile Wiki
Japanese ジェラード
Romaji Jeraado
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 14
Title Princess
Class Sorceress
Weapon Staff
Special Attack Triple Cast
Great Magic
Homeland Artolia
Appears in Valkyrie Profile
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Voice actress 20px-Japanese.png Kae Araki
20px-English.png Rachael Lillis
"First Princess of Artolia. Behind her pure, sweet image lies a pampered princess with a heart of steel and a razor-sharp tongue."

Jelanda is a Sorceress Einherjar in Valkyrie Profile.


Jelanda is the spoiled, temperamental princess of Artolia. However, despite her brash and tomboyish behavior, she genuinely loves her father and would go to great lengths to defend his honor. Thus, when Arngrim, an arrogant Artolian mercenary, insults the king to his face in front of the entire royal army, she is indignant. Lombert, a royal councillor, urges her to calm down, but she hatches an elaborate scheme to get revenge. Posing as a commoner by the name of Angela, she seeks Arngrim out and offers to hire him for a job. Despite his suspicions at her rather poor disguise, Arngrim decides to play along, and they meet at a Yamato restaurant to discuss details. However, Jelanda's personality gets the better of her: she orders more food than she is able to eat, rudely complains about the restaurant's traditional cuisine and finally passes out after mistaking sake for water. Embarrassed, Arngrim nevertheless brings her home to recuperate. However, as she sleeps, her bonnet falls off her head, and Arngrim finally recognizes her, realizing why she has come. Shortly afterwards, she awakens and leaves in a hurry, flustered at finding herself in a compromising position, but promises to return the next day. Understanding her motivations, Arngrim plans to apologize for his behavior.

However, the next day, Jelanda fails to show up. Instead, a cloaked figure arrives to offer Arngrim a job: he is to accompany a load of unspecified cargo to Villnore alongside the thief Badrach. Along the way, the pair is intercepted by the Artolian army. They escape, but not before witnessing that their cargo was, in fact, an unconscious Jelanda. Badrach reveals that Lombert is a spy for Villnore. It seems that he planned to deliver the princess to Villnore as a means of blackmailing Artolia. However, he also had a failsafe: to avoid suspicion, he sent a patrol in pursuit of the cargo, and, in case they intercepted it, instructed the knights to give some medicine to the princess, which turned out to be Ghoul Powder. The Powder transforms Jelanda into a demon that destroys everything in its path. As Badrach runs away, Arngrim confronts her, only to witness the arrival of the newly awakened Lenneth, still accompanied by Freya and drawn to the presence of the demon. They help him in battle, and Lenneth recruits Jelanda as an Einherjar, possibly because of her devotion to her father. Arngrim then returns to Artolia to avenge her, but is quickly subdued by Lombert's magic. Jelanda, whose opinion of Arngrim has changed for the better after seeing him defending her, implores Lenneth to help him, which she successfully does. However, the royal guard appears, and Arngrim kills several soldiers. Upon seeing the carnage, the captain of the guard, father of Arngrim's friend Lawfer, asks the mercenary whether he would really raise his hand against him. Knowing that he has avenged Jelanda's death, but also reluctant to attack a man that he respects, Arngrim chooses to commit suicide rather than cause further bloodshed. Seeing this, Lenneth recruits him, much to Jelanda's happiness.


Jelanda is the first Sorceress the player can obtain and joins with both an attack and a restorative spell. She is average in combat, but since she may be the only Sorcerer for a while, depending on recruitment odds, she will prove to be a valuable ally, should the player decides to keep her. Her Wait Reaction familiar is a parrot.

Initial spells[]

Elemental tolerance[]

Darkness 50%
Fire 0
Holy 25%
Ice 100%
Lightning 25%
Poison 50%

Purify Weird Soul[]

As Jelanda is a Sorceress, her PWS will vary depending on her assigned attack spell and her weapon; she will either cast the same spell three times in a row or use Great Magic, if her staff has that property.


  • Cute
  • Snobbish
  • Loves Dad
  • Shallow
  • Foolhardy
  • Stout
  • Naivete
  • Optimistic


Jelanda is automatically recruited in Chapter 0 alongside Arngrim.


Jelanda's starting Hero Value is -41, and she can meet the requirements for Chapter 1, 4 and 7 with relative ease. Sending her up during Chapter 1 may be risky, as the player might then be left without a mage for two Chapters. However, considering that Sorcerers/Sorceresses are the most numerous class in the game, she is by no means irreplaceable.


Battle start
  • Uh-oh, we may be in trouble...
  • Now face a princess' true wrath!
  • Such impudence! You face certain death!
  • Valkyrie, do you even need our help?
Enemy killed by PWS or Great Magic
  • Impudent fool!
  • There! Did you witness my power?!
  • This is divine punishment! (also said when performing PWS)
  • Good, I was getting tired of you.
Enemy survives PWS or Great Magic
  • WHAT?!
  • You still live?!!
  • Indeed, you are stubborn!
  • In... inconceivable!
  • Eek!
  • Such impudence!
  • Noooooo...!
  • He... help me...!
Battle won
  • Well done, everyone!
  • No matter how many are defeated, more appear!
  • Well, they were rather annoying.


Jelanda may be a variation on Yolanda, a name derived from the Medieval French name Violante, meaning "purple". The colour purple is often associated with royalty, which is appropriate for a princess.


  • Jelanda is voiced by the same actress as Mystina and Lyseria in English.
  • Jelanda is voiced by the same actress as Frei in Japanese.
  • Jelanda and Arngrim's joint recruitment sequence is the longest of all the Einherjar.
  • Jelanda is one of three Einherjar that Lenneth must actually kill in order to recruit. The other two are Jun and Gandar.
  • In the Valkyrie Profile Manga, Jelanda is given a much more important role, remaining with Lenneth along with Arngrim, and even participating in the canonical A ending storyline.
  • The cutscene depicting Jelanda's transformation in Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth creates a continuity error. In the video, she is wearing the purple dress she first appears in, rather than the short purple tunic and red stole she is supposed to be wearing in that scene.
  • According to Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (which chronologically predates Valkyrie Profile), Ghoul Powder is supposed to turn humans into undead, not demons. This appears to be a continuity mistake, especially since Badrach recognizes Jelanda's transformation as the typical result of Ghoul Powder.
  • In the Valkyrie Profile manga, Lombert receives the Ghoul Powder from Lezard, and the latter is subsequently able to control Jelanda in demon form. This could mean that he has somehow modified its effects.[1][2]
  • Jelanda's change of heart concerning Arngrim can be explained by the fact that the only adults she knew while growing up were scheming and duplicitous. Arngrim is the complete opposite: straightforward and without ulterior motives, which is why she overcomes her initial anger and comes to trust him.[3] If both she and Badrach are sent to Asgard, there is a short additional scene between them during the Chapter 7 Sacred Phase, where Jelanda tells him that she misses Arngrim.[4] You will not be able to see this if you are aiming for Ending A.
  • Jelanda's father may be Joshua, the cousin of the princes Langrey and Kristoff that Roienbourg wanted to make king to prevent civil war in Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume.
  • According to the developers, Jelanda's death spells Artolia's doom at the hands of Villnore, although it is entirely likely that the kingdom would have been caught in a war between Villnore, Crell Monferaigne and Gerabellum, even if she had lived.[3]
  • Considering that Lombert is a sorcerer, it is possible that Jelanda learned the art of sorcery from him.