Valkyrie Profile Wiki
Type Greatsword
ATK 285
HIT 220
Attack Trust 45
Hit Trust 70
Attacks O/O/O
Element Fire/Death
Special Drains 3% of the wielder's max. DME in each attack
Usable by Arngrim
Converted MP 1,000
"A great sword imbued with the power of Muspelheim's flames. Its power even consumes the wielder, whose DME is reduced by 3% each time it is used."

The Infernas is an artifact greatsword featured in Valkyrie Profile. It is found in the Citadel of Flame (Hard mode only), after defeating the Fire Elemental boss.

While seemingly a decent, reliable greatsword, what makes the Infernas special is that it can instantly kill enemies weak to Fire (by doing damage equal to the enemy's max. HP which ignores RDM and damage reductions on each hit) – the only weapon in the game capable of doing so, which makes its use against Mandragoras and Fenrir highly indispensable to save the player from the difficulty of fighting them. However, each attack with the Infernas will drain 3% of the wielder's maximum DME, although this is barely noticeable and not usually detrimental.