Hrist face
Hrist Valkyrie
Name Hrist
Level 45
HP 20,000
Race Divine
Atk 850
Mag 600
Hit 92
Avd 75
Exp 320,000
Oth 17,500
Drop Empress Coronet
Entrapment 2 hits of avg. dmg. Medium frontal range
Trial of Existance 3 hits of avg. dmg. Medium frontal range
Hurricane Bolt 1 hit of high dmg. Small frontal range
Furious Advance 1 hit of high dmg. Medium range. Multi-target
Downward Split 4 hits of high dmg. Small frontal range. Multi-target
Neiblung Valesti Soul Crush. Used when HP is less than 50%. 8 hits of extreme dmg. Large circular range.
Elements Holy +70%, Darkness +30%, all others +50%
Leader Item Tome of Godspeed

Ensure your RDM is as high as possible. The best thing to do in this fight is eliminate Arngrim first. Cast Sap Power on both foes as soon as possible. Poison Arngrim, and get rid of him however you can. Use Fairy Tinctures to recover the high amount of damage inflicted.

While attacking Arngrim, avoid Hrist. Both are extremely fast, and the battle field is narrow, so plan moves carefully. Once Arngrim is gone, begin to attack Hrist. Cast Sap Power whenever her damage becomes normal again, and attack from as far away as possible. After losing 50% of her HP, Hrist will use her Soul Crush Nibelung Valesti, which is pretty much certain death for one character. Revive them if possible, and continue to chip away at her HP. Attacking from behind is a good idea, as she cannot block attacks. Attacks that launch will also prevent her blocking you, as does Fire Storm. Stay sharp, and attack whenever possible, and you should prevail.