Valkyrie Profile Wiki
Dark Valkyrie
HP 440,000
ATK 24,000
MAG None
RDM 3,000
RST 2,000
HIT Unknown
DEF Unknown
AVD Unknown
Weakness None
Drop Glance Reviver
EXP 600,000 (Easy)
200,000 (Normal)
140,000 (Hard)
Attacks Bolt Slash
Moment Slide
Vertical Raid
Nibelung Valesti
Spells None

The Dark Valkyrie is the Seraphic Gate counterpart of Hrist in Valkyrie Profile. She is located in the area before the Ethereal Queen alongside Loki Shade or four Hamsters.

The Dark Valkyrie has the same attacks as Hrist in Ending A, only boasting more stats that makes her more difficult to be defeated.