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A dais is a type of stand used to support sealstones, featured in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. Just as sealstones, they are only found in dungeons.


The two types of daises

There are two types of daises in the game. Due to the fact that sealstones are created from Yggdrasil's sap, both types seem to have been designed to resemble trees.

  • The most common type looks like a waist-high, branch-like structure with glowing vein-like patterns over its surface. It is symbolized on dungeon maps by a circle resting on a curved line. The circle glows if the dais is full.
  • The second type is a tall, greenish stone structure reminiscent of a tree's trunk and roots, with a small pillar in the middle. This type of dais is specifically destined to hold the Dragon Orb and was presumably constructed by the tribe tasked with its protection. It does not appear on dungeon maps.

Location and mechanics[]

Multiple daises of the first type can be found in every dungeon from Chapter 3 onwards. This means that the two dungeons introduced in Chapter 1 (the Lost Forest and the Royal Underground Path) do not contain daises. Dipan does, but only in areas which become accessible from Chapter 4 onwards. A sealstone placed on such a dais affects a certain number of rooms connected to it, which appear a reddish colour on the map. The effects of the sealstone apply to the enemies located in those rooms. Therefore, placing a negative sealstone on a dais is an ideal means for the party to gain an edge in combat. However, when you first enter a dungeon, daises will frequently contain positive or neutral sealstones that give advantages to the enemies. If that is the case, you may want to avoid combat until you manage to remove them.

The second type of dais is only featured in cutscenes and can only be found in four dungeons in Chapter 3: Audoula Temple on the Lake, Surts Volcano Caverns, Crawsus Forest Ruins and the Palace of the Venerated Dragon. Unsurprisingly, these are the four temples in between which the Dragon Orb was moved.

Silmeria and Lezard describe this type of dais as being stronger than the first one. They also mention that it is surrounded by a powerful force field, which, however, is supposedly not harmful to humans; it may have been designed to contain the Orb's power or to keep monsters at bay. Each of these daises is also protected by a guardian (Kraken, Evolver, Hydra and Dragon Zombie).


  • Considering daises are most commonly associated with sealstones, it is possible that the Dragon Orb is actually an extremely powerful sealstone.
  • The word "dais" usually refers to an elevated platform, ie. a larger structure than what it designates in the game.