Valkyrie Profile Wiki
Type Sword
ATK 8,000
HIT 300
Attack Trust 35
Hit Trust 100
Attacks O/O/O
Element Holy/Death
Special Allows Lenneth's Level 3 Nibelung Valesti
Usable by Lenneth
"Its name means god-slayer, but in fact its power lies in the opposite direction."

The Dainslef is a sword featured in Valkyrie Profile. It can only be obtained at the Seraphic Gate, either as a treasure which requires Flame Jewel to be accessed or dropped by Hamsters, and is the second most powerful sword in the game, after Glance Reviver and before Angel Slayer.

The Dainslef has the ability to instantly kill enemies weak to Holy (by doing damage equal to the enemy's max. HP which ignores RDM and damage reductions on each hit).


Dáinsleif is a legendary sword wielded by Högni as attested in the Hjaðningavíg. It is described as a cursed sword that cannot be sheathed unless it caused a man's death once drawn, which must be done directly by the sword, and any wounds inflicted by it can never be healed. Its name means "Dáinn's Legacy", referring to a dwarf god (or king of the elves in some stories).