Binding Distortion is the name of a generic Archer attack in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.

Description: Ensnares enemy in a distortion of space itself.
Hits: Varies
Multipliers: 0.2 x hit
Increase to Gauge: Varies (3 x hit)
AP Cost: 8
Learned by: Sha-kon (lv.1), Silmeria (lv.1), Ehrde (lv.24), Phyress (lv.30), Sophalla (lv.32), Lydia (lv.38), Arcana (lv.48), Atrasia (lv.48), Chrystie (lv.48), Lylia (lv.50)

The amount of hits performed by Binding Distortion depends on the size of the enemy. It is therefore more effective against large enemies and may completely miss small enemies that have been knocked down by a prior attack.

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