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Alicia crossing Bifrost

Bifrost is a location in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. The rainbow bridge connecting Midgard and Asgard is situated beyond the Ravine Caverns and guarded by Heimdall. It serves as a short, scenic transitional area and contains three one-time battles. It can be completely bypassed after reaching Asgard.


  • Aesir (Defender) (Divine) and Aesir (Rescuer) (Divine) - Mini-Boss
  • Dimension Beast (Giant) - Mini-Boss
  • Heimdall (Divine) and Aesir Defender (Divine) x2 - BOSS


In Norse mythology, Heimdall protected the upper end of the bridge from the jötunn, whereas in the game, he appears to be protecting its lower end from trespassing humans.

The name Bifrost is spelled Bifröst in Old Norse and is usually taken to mean "shimmering path" or "swaying road to Heaven" [1].


  • Traversing both the Forest of Spirits and the Ravine Caverns is the only means to access Bifrost before completing Yggdrasil. Afterwards, it is also accessible through Asgard from the World Map.
  • The healing point at the entrance of Bifrost allows for repeated forays into the Ravine Caverns while they are still a timed area (before completing Yggdrasil).
  • If you have released all your Einherjar, Rufus and Alicia will be your only party members.