Ballistic Rhino
Ballistic Rhino
Name Ballistic Rhino
Level 6
HP 680
Race Giant & Beast
Atk 30
Mag 10
Hit 10
Avd 2
Exp 5,000
Oth 870
Drop None
Shoot Arrowhead Long range. 1 character. Medium damage. Needs arrowheads to use. Arrowheads disappear after use
Stomp 1 hit of avg. dmg. Multi-target
Tail 1 hit of avg.dmg. Only used when party is behind. Requires tail to be used
Charge 1 hit of avg. dmg to entire party
Violent Purge Explodes arm armour to deal high dmg. to party on side. Loses arm armour after use. Requires arm armour
Sealed Missile Used after losing arm armour. Large frontal range. Extreme damage to entire party. Requires arms. Fire type
Body Parts -Horn: 68 HP - Head (vital): 170 HP - Body (vital): 340 HP - Legs (vital): 408 HP - Tail: 136 HP - Body Armor: 102 HP - Arms x2: 204 HP - Arrowheadsx2: 34 HP - Arm Armor x2: 68 HP
Elements All are neutral
Leader Item Chainmail
Vulnerable to Curse (100%), Paralysis (20%), Silence (20%), Freeze (50%), Faint (100%) and Frailty (100%)

Begin the first boss battle by dashing out the range of his Arrowhead attack. Try to break his tail, so you can attack from behind with no fear of receiving damage. If you can break his arms, you may receive a Baraka, a great rune, but it is risky, as he may use Violent Purge. If you need to heal, use your Items. If you have Sylphide in your party, make sure she has Free Item equipped, and is the only one healing. Ballistic Rhino is quite slow though, so take advantage of this to run circles around him to recover AP. Keep attacking, and he should go down.

Enemy ModificationsEdit

  • Desert Beast

Found: Sahma Desert

Race(s): Beast, Giant

  • Beast Fort

Found: Royal Underground Path (Ch 4+)

Race(s): Beast, Giant

  • Castle Cannon

Found: Tower of Lezard Valeth

Race(s): Beast, Giant